Ash Wednesday starts the journey through Lent. The ashes mark us as people forgiven and who are called to forgive, inviting us to return to God and one another.

This year’s Lenten theme is Hope. Any exploration of Christian faith eventually gets to an examination of hope. Hope is at the heart of our faith, whether in a personal sense – why else pray? – or in a longer, historical sense.

This Lent we will delve into our understanding of hope by hearing from others and searching the texts of our faith. We will hear from those of other traditions, and leaders from within the Christian world. As we move through this season, let us be attentive to our own hope.

This season worship will offer a series of dialogues with clergy of various traditions: Rev. David Breeden, Rev. Dr. Alika Galloway, Michael O’Connell, Imam Makram El-Amin, and Rabbi Marcia Zimmerman will address the topic of hope, with Tim Hart-Andersen.