Holiday & Special Services

Lent, Holy Week & Easter

Maundy Thursday
 | April 18
5:30 pm, Come to the Table, dinner begins
6:30 pm, Come to the Table worship begins

Good Friday |April 19
Noon, GMCC sponsors this ecumenical service.

Holy Saturday | April 20
9 am, Quiet Worship
8 pm, Easter Vigil, led by Tim Hart-Andersen and Meghan Gage-Finn

Easter | April 21
7 am, Jazz service with music by Thomasina Petrus and Tom West; Tim Hart-Andersen preaching.
9 & 11 am, Festival Services with the Westminster Choir, accompanied by brass and timpani; Tim Hart-Andersen preaching.
5 pm,  Gathered at Five, Sarah Brouwer preaching


During the festive season of Advent (the four Sundays prior to Christmas), seasonal themes, wonderful music, beautiful decorations throughout the church, and special programs make Advent a delightful and meaningful time in the life of Westminster as we await the birth of the Messiah.

Christmas Eve Services

4 pm: See the Christmas story retold as if it is jumping off the pages of a children’s book.

8 & 10 pm: A traditional and beautiful Christmas Eve candlelight services featuring the Westminster organ and adult choir, lessons of Scripture recounting the history of salvation, and a brief sermon.

Centering Prayer

Wednesdays | noon
Bates Room

Quiet Worship

Third Saturdays | 9 am
Bushnell Room

Centering Prayer

Wednesdays  | noon

“Be still, and know that I am God.” (Psalm 46) This simple wisdom is an invitation from God to set aside all activity, rest in silence, and enter the deep stillness, God within us. “Silence, is God’s first language.” Centering Prayer is an updated form of an ancient meditative practice rooted in the Christian tradition of Contemplation. We slow down, step out of the chaotic pace of life, and recharge mind, body, and spirit.

In our complicated world, Centering Prayer works for its radical silence and simplicity. It is straightforward and clear: God is in the silence. This is enough. Thich Nhat Hanh says: “If we cannot make peace within, how can we hope to bring peace in the world.”

Contemplation is the only practice all of the world religions share as a form of connecting to God. By quieting our active minds and bodies, we consent to God’s presence and action in our lives. The requirements are simple: Intention to listen deeply and practice of the method.

Quiet Worship

Third Saturdays | 9 am

Begin your weekend by intentionally taking time for yourself, time for quiet worship, for sung prayers and Scripture, and deep silence in a special setting. All are invited to gather around the fireplace in the Bushnell Room, a calm, intimate setting. It is a time for quiet music, Scripture, prayer, and silence. It is a time to be together, resting quietly in God’s presence and love.

Many who are deeply committed to a life of service have found that their journey out into the busy-ness of the world is enriched and strengthened when they take time for the journey in, for prayer or quiet music or silence. Many also have found that contemplative worship must be experienced to be known.

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Quiet Worship is offered by Thin Places, an ecumenical newsletter with a particular interest in the contemplative spiritual journey. Learn more here.