Westminster Gallery Celebrates 20 Years

by Rodney Allen Schwartz, Director, Westminster Gallery and Archive

The Westminster Gallery was created in 2002 and this month we celebrate the 20th anniversary. Over that time, we have curated and installed nearly 120 exhibitions. We have also built a world-class collection of Christian and social justice themed art including paintings, prints, sculptures, carvings, textiles, and much more.

Two exhibitions opened September 18. Voices from the Water features fascinating sea creatures made by feltmaker, Susan J Sperl, and cartoons about water conservation drawn by several high school students from north Minneapolis. I will also offer a Curators’ Choice exhibition that will share my favorite pieces in the Westminster Collection with hints as to why they are included.

A celebratory reception will be held in the Westminster Gallery on Friday, September 23, from 5:30 to 8 pm, with a brief (and fun) program at 6 pm. We will also have coffee and special treats in the Gallery after church on September 25.

(Image: Leafy Sea Dragon, by Susan J Sperl, wet felting, 2016) 

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