About Westminster

An engaged, urban partner sharing the good news with a world in need of God’s peace, love, and justice, Westminster has been a telling presence in the city since 1857.

With stirring worship services, beautiful traditions, and a progressive church culture, Westminster is a home for people of all ages and backgrounds to deepen their faith and make a difference in the world.

The church offers ministries in adult, children, and youth education; music and the arts; and social justice, with a highly engaged congregation welcoming and caring deeply for all people within and beyond its walls.

As an active and influential member of the city, Westminster collaborates with other faith, business, and social service partners to make our community a place where justice flourishes, love is shared, and people are valued.

Westminster is one of the nearly 8,000 similar congregations spread across the United States that, together, make up the Presbyterian Church (USA).

Westminster also houses the Westminster Gallery, sponsors the Westminster Town Hall Forum, and supports Boy Scout Troop 33, Hmong Troop 100, and Camp Ajawah north of the Twin Cities.

What we believe

Presbyterianism today is a uniquely diverse denomination, with churches ranging from large metropolitan congregations of a few thousand members to small rural churches of 20 members, from suburban middle-class congregations to inner-city store-front churches. Our worship styles and theological emphases vary from congregation to congregation. We are ethnically and socially diverse and well distributed across the United States.

While this modern diversity sometimes gives us identity problems, it is also a great strength of the Presbyterian Church (USA). No matter what our surface differences may be, we are all members of God’s family. We are siblings who love the same Creator and our differences genuinely allow us to be responsive to God’s call. However, around the world, Presbyterians share a common understanding that we are all chosen by God to be disciples of Jesus Christ and this unifying force is much stronger than the things that may make us different from one another.

Open & Affirming

Westminster is an open and affirming congregation. Because of our commitment to the love and justice of Jesus Christ, Westminster welcomes persons of all sexual orientations and gender expressions and identities.

Westminster’s leaders include people who belong to the LGBTQIA+ community. Our church has been a presence at Pride events for many years. In order to facilitate the participation by all persons in Westminster events and ministries, our facility has multiple gender-neutral restrooms.

Westminster was involved in the movement to change the Presbyterian Church’s ordination standards to allow any church member to freely serve and be elected as a minster, elder, or deacon. Our church was a leader in the movement for marriage equality in the State of Minnesota and the Presbyterian Church (USA). Prior to the legalization of marriage equality, Westminster’s pastors celebrated the love and commitment of same-sex couples, and continue now to happily officiate at weddings recognized by the State of Minnesota.


10:30 am | Sanctuary

6 pm | Worship | Upper Plaza (resumes June 26)

All services are in person and on Livestream.

In response to the grace of God through Jesus Christ, Westminster’s mission is to:

  • proclaim and celebrate the Good News of Jesus Christ;
  • gather as an open community to worship God with dignity and joy, warmth and beauty;
  • nourish personal faith through study, prayer, and fellowship;
  • work for love, peace and justice;
  • be a welcoming and caring Christian community, witnessing to God’s love day by day;
  • work locally and beyond with our denomination and the larger Christian Church; and
  • be a telling presence in the city.
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