Understanding Why Westminster Supports Global Partnerships

by Steve Anderson, Cuba Partnership Ministry Team

Westminster has long-standing partnerships with churches, church governing bodies, and educational institutions in Cameroon, Cuba, and Palestine. Our covenant relationships are built on principles of mutuality as we pray, study, listen, and learn from one another, so that we can grow spiritually in our journey together as siblings in Christ.

Each May we receive the Global Offering to support activities and foster connections with our Global Partners, as identified through prayerful discussions that allow us to work with them in addressing needs found within their distinct local context and reality. In addition to supporting travel exchanges to be together, Westminster has contributed to local educational programs, the community outreach of our partners like providing meals for those in need, and the installation of clean water systems.

Our witness of presence, solidarity, and advocacy, combined with specific financial support, is needed now more than ever as our partners are challenged by civil unrest, conflict, and severe economic hardships. Your generosity through the Global Offering on May 19 is very much appreciated as we work with our global partners to demonstrate God’s love in this world.

On May 5, 12, and 19, look for tables in Westminster Commons staffed by the partnership teams to learn more about who we are and how you can participate!

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