Town Hall Forum: Climate and the Future of the Planet

by Tane Danger, Director, Westminster Town Hall Forum

In 2021, we launched a new way of choosing topics and speakers for the Westminster Town Hall Forum. First, we decided to pick themes for our spring and fall seasons, allowing us to connect each of the talks. Then we asked the Forum’s advisory board, evenly comprised of Westminster and community members, to take the lead on deciding those themes.

The advisory board’s charge is to select themes that reflect a pressing issue for our community and world. Then they help curate specific topics and speakers under that theme. The goal is to help ensure the voices and issues at the Forum reflect the interests and concerns of our entire community.

For our spring 2022 season, the advisory board selected the theme of “climate and the future of the planet.” They have directed the Forum to put together a set of speakers who will discuss how climate change will intersect with long-standing challenges of economic inequality, racism, and international cooperation. At the same time, our speakers will talk about climate solutions, adaptation, and a positive path forward.

Our first speaker in the climate series this spring will be Katharine Hayhoe, the Chief Scientist for The Nature Conservancy where she oversees the global climate advocacy and adaptation work. Her new book, Saving Us: A Climate Scientist’s Case for Hope and Healing in a Divided World is a candid look at the science of climate change and what can be done about it.

Dr. Hayhoe will speak at the Westminster Town Hall Forum Monday, January 31, at noon. The talk will be available online only through the Forum’s website. The talk is presented in collaboration with The Great Northern Festival and their “Climate Solutions” series. The remainder of the Town Hall Forum’s spring 2022 season will be announced in February.

(Photo credit: Ashley Rodgers)

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