“The Art of Belonging” Opens in the Westminster Gallery

By Dr. Rodney Allen Schwartz, Director, Westminster Gallery and Archive

The Westminster Gallery announces the rehanging of art in multiple areas of the Westminster building and a new exhibition titled The Art of Belonging. This exhibition features art from the collection and art made by Westminster members which considers the many ways that art demonstrates how we come together in community as a congregation, a city, and the across the world. The exhibition further addresses how we belong to the earth and all the ways we might take care of each other. The exhibition runs through Thanksgiving.

During the many months while the building was closed to members and the public, access to the galleries was not possible. We created a temporary Window Gallery in Westminster Hall that made exhibiting selections from the collection available for viewing from the Nicollet side of the building. The Hall is now coming back into regular use and the Window Gallery has been dismantled. I hope you had a chance to see this unique way of showing our art; it was just like the old Dayton’s Christmas display windows but without the automatons.

Art based on trees now fills the Garden Room and the exhibition, Belonging to a Global Community, is now installed in the Meisel Room. You will also find old favorites and new surprises hanging on walls throughout the building. Be sure to explore the building to see what you might find.

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