The Art of Abundance

By Joe Davis, Artist-in-Residence

I’ve fallen in love with the abundant community at Westminster during my time serving as the artist-in-residence.

When I first accepted the invitation from Minister of Music and the Arts Amanda Weber, I had no idea the opportunity would blossom into unexpected friendships and unprecedented artistic explorations.

Collaborating with Eve Schulte, Kenny Vigne, and Keith Kopatz as we filmed poetry, music, and dance for worship services always left me with a deeper sense of awe and wonder; amazed by how the Spirit would flow through the unique particularities of our gifts to interweave a tapestry even more beautiful than we could ever create on our own.

Sharing my poems and stories with congregants during coffee hours, retreats, and workshops reminded me of how the divine is sparked in the tiny moments of laughter and curiosity and vulnerability.

Westminster is a gorgeous building adorned with paintings and statues of rich cultural significance– yet even more profound is the depth and intentionality of human connection that’s being cultivated within the church and beyond.

I haven’t experienced too many faith communities that engage the arts in the dynamic ways Westminster does– it’s been incredibly inspiring and affirming for me as an artist. While many churches struggle to understand how the arts can be a part of spiritual growth and renewal, Westminster has consistently nurtured creativity as an integral part of the community’s DNA. This makes sense when we see ourselves and the world around us as expressions of a most masterful Creator– and I’m grateful to have been among the many artists who’ve joined Westminster in the exploration of this abundant beauty.

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