Ways to Give

In these uncertain times, Westminster is on the front lines of helping each other cope with stress and unease; our mission has never been more important.

Westminster and the entire community are daily living the words of Psalm 27:1, “…The Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?”

To help Westminster carry out its vital ministry during coming weeks and months, we invite you to continue your regular support, as you are able, via mail, online, Tithe.ly, or auto-deduct. If you are able to give extra, please do! Unrestricted gifts are preferred in order to sustain current operations. If you would like to restrict your gift for pandemic-related emergency help, you may make a special offering to the Emergency Assistance Fund, found here.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you are facing difficulties due to the economic climate.

Annual Pledge or Gift

Consistent with the philosophy that current members support current needs, annual pledge or gift income provides 75% of the revenue for the annual budget. Westminster invites all members to make regular commitments to the church by pledging each year, allowing the church to plan and manage most effectively. You are invited to consider taking steps toward the biblical tithe (10% of income) and/or, to begin a regular ‘generosity practice’ by automating your monthly pledge payments. Make a pledge OR an online contribution.

Major Gifts

Major gifts are usually made in response to a special project or campaign, for example, the 150th Anniversary Campaign (which expanded mission, restored the chapel and other spaces, and strengthened the endowment), and the current the Open Doors Open Futures Capital Campaign.

Westminster Bells

The Paccard Bell Foundry, in Annecy, France, will forge a six-bell peal for Westminster. The bells will be installed in early 2020. For churches, bells evoke the divine, summon people to worship, and send them forth. Bells speak to individuals, churches and communities; they endure through time and speak to resilience and permanence. By adding bells to its tower, Westminster will make a significant liturgical and civic contribution, and extend its Telling Presence. Learn more and donate here.

Legacy Giving

Many members and friends of Westminster extend their financial support in perpetuity to future generations through a Legacy Gift in their wills, trusts, or estate plans, or with other types of life income or outright gifts. Because of Legacy Gifts, Westminster’s ability to fulfill its mission is greatly enhanced. Learn more.

Suggestions for Giving


Gifts of cash may be made by check and mailed to Westminster, or online.

Securities/Stock or Mutual Fund Shares

Appreciated stocks or securities may be more beneficial to give than cash.  Giving stocks allows for a tax deduction for the current market value without incurring tax on the capital gain.  The process is simple: Westminster maintains a brokerage account; the stock is transferred from your broker to that account and is sold when the shares are received.  To ensure your gift is acknowledged, follow the instructions, and notify Kelsey Noack. Westminster’s Federal Tax Identification Number is 41-0695506.

IRA (Individual Retirement Account)

If you’re over 70 ½, you may meet your required minimum distribution (RMD) requirements and donate from your IRA without paying income taxes on the gift. Contact your IRA administrator for details.

CARES Act Special Provisions for 2020

The CARES ACT seeks to alleviate economic hardship that has resulted from the coronavirus pandemic. Some key provisions that might help in your charitable giving include higher deduction limits, a new $300 deduction for non-itemizers, and suspension of Required Minimum Distribution for 2020.  Learn more here.


Mary Hess
Director of Stewardship

Anna Gram
Stewardship Associate

Kelsey Noack
Accounting Manager

Contact Kelsey to arrange for processing a monetary gift, including automating your monthly pledge payments, stock transfers, checks or IRA contributions.

  • Special Offerings & One-Time Gifts

    One-time gifts are welcomed from all, including those who choose not to pledge or those who would like to make a gift beyond their annual pledge. Special offerings are received throughout the year, and are targeted towards ending hunger, responding to disasters, assisting our global partner churches, encouraging peacemaking and social justice, racial and ethnic education, and offering pension help for retired and active church workers and their families. Make a gift online or send a check to Westminster Presbyterian Church.

  • Memorial Gifts

    Memorial gifts in memory of a loved one are used primarily to support the Fine Arts Program or other programs as indicated by the donor. To make a gift, mail your contribution directly to Westminster Presbyterian Church or donate online.

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