Open Doors Open Futures Pledge Form

ODOF Pledge Form

Gifts to Westminster Presbyterian Church are tax-deductible under section 170 of the Internal Revenue Code. Please note: You may adjust your pledge due to income change or unforeseen circumstances. Westminster recommends that you consult with your tax and financial advisor(s) on how your gift would fit into your financial planning.

Ways to Give

Cash: Cash gifts are simple and may be made by check, automatic payment from your bank account, or online.

Stock: Appreciated stocks may be more beneficial to give than cash. Giving stocks allows for a tax deduction for the current market value without incurring tax on the capital gain. Click for instructions, or contact Kienan Mick, Accounting Manager, and then ask your broker to initiate the process.

IRA (Individual Retirement Account): If you’re over age 70 ½, you may meet your required minimum distribution (RMD) requirement and donate from your IRA without paying income taxes on the distribution, up to an annual maximum of $100,000. Contact your IRA administrator.

Other: Matching gifts from your employer may be an option. Contact Mary Hess for more information.


Mary Hess
Director of Stewardship

Kienan Mick
Accounting Manager

Contact Kienan to arrange for processing a monetary gift, including recurring payments, stock transfers, checks or IRA contributions.

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