Campaign Giving

Ways to Give

Cash: Cash gifts are simple and may be made by check, automatic payment from your bank account, or online.

Stock: Appreciated stocks may be more beneficial to give than cash. Giving stocks allows for a tax deduction for the current market value without incurring tax on the capital gain. Click for instructions and then ask your broker to initiate the process.

IRA (Individual Retirement Account): If you’re over age 70 ½, you may meet your required minimum distribution (RMD) requirement and donate from your IRA without paying income taxes on the distribution, up to an annual maximum of $100,000. Contact your IRA administrator.

Other: Matching gifts from your employer may be an option. Contact Mary Hess for information.

Giving FAQs

How long will my commitment be?
Your pledge or gift may be paid over five years, or sooner if you prefer.

If I can’t make a large pledge, does it really matter if I participate?
Yes! Your pledge is absolutely important. It is YOUR personal participation in the project, and an expression of your commitment to God’s vision for the future as expressed through Open Doors Open Futures.

How much shall I give?
Please prayerfully consider your best gift possible, over and above your annual giving. Many decide to use their annual giving amount as a reference point and double it for five years. For example, if your annual giving is $1,000, you might consider giving an additional $1,000 each year for five years, for a total campaign commitment of $5,000. We trust that God will lead you in how to respond and stretch.

If circumstances change, may I change my commitment?
Yes. You may change your pledge if your income changes unexpectedly or if you have unforeseen circumstances. Just let us know.

I would like to make a gift to the campaign, possibly in the form of a Legacy Commitment. May I do that?
If you are age 75 or older, you may use a current unrestricted estate gift as part or all of your pledge, or you may create a new Legacy Commitment for the campaign. Please contact Mary Hess for information.

Do I have to be a Westminster member to participate?
All are welcome to contribute, whether or not a member.

Join the Transformation!


Mary Hess
Director of Stewardship

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