Enduring Hope

There is hope for your future, says the Lord.

(Jeremiah 31:17)

Where We’ve Been    

Ten years ago, we learned the property next to Westminster was for sale. This opportunity sparked a bold vision: expand and reimagine the church’s building to enable the congregation to carry out Westminster’s mission for the next 100 years. And the Open Doors Open Futures campaign began! At that time, the congregation committed to raising 75% of the project’s costs. The remaining 25% was financed with the plan to repay it during a second campaign.   

Enduring Hope for the Future 

With the physical space now completed, it is time to focus on building a sustainable financial future. With a goal of $30 million, the primary focus of Enduring Hope campaign is to retire the debt.   

Debt and Interest 

Being free from the debt will allow Westminster to live into the future unencumbered and able to respond to emerging needs and opportunities. This campaign will establish a sustainable financial future for the church to grow and continue to thrive for the next 100 years.  

Mission Component 

Guided by the precedent set by previous campaigns, a 10% biblical tithe of this campaign is designated for a mission component. A team of lay leaders is discerning how the $3 million will be distributed.  

Chapel Improvements 

Updating the antiquated electrical system will greatly reduce the chapel’s energy use and be in alignment with Westminster’s commitment to be a sustainable church. To restore the chapel to its original beauty, the plaster will be removed. This will also greatly enhance the sound quality of the chapel organ, as it was originally intended.     

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