September Community Partner Highlights

Each month Westminster highlights organizations that are part of the Community Partners program, or local organizations selected as partners for their work to transform social systems, challenge inequalities, and practice love of neighbor for those who are poor, hungry, or homeless. This September we highlight the Minnesota African Women’s Association and the Banyan Community.

Minnesota African Women’s Association
By Nancy Berg

One of our long-time Community Partners, Minnesota African Women’s Association (MAWA), just completed a very successful STEM summer camp for 42 high school girls in the area. This unique 5-week experience provided numerous opportunities, including speakers from the League of Women’s Voters, field trips to the Capital, the Walker Sculpture Garden, and the Arboretum, dancing, education, and more. To learn more, visit the MAWA Facebook page and website.

Banyan Community
By Suzanne Kelley and Kay Thomas

The metaphor of a tree with deep roots, a solid trunk and ever-expanding branches captures the Banyan Community’s philosophy, values and achievements. The Banyan Community has embraced the Native American and Muslim communities within the Phillips neighborhood with education and instrumental support of the families.

Like the tree’s leaves, young people who have been nourished return that nourishment; graduates remain in their community, strengthening the roots that nourish their growth. Even four graduates have full-time employment and benefits at the Banyan Community.

For more information including their upcoming events visit the Banyan Community’s website.



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