Second Set of Distributions from Mission Component

The Mission Component team of the Enduring Hope campaign continues to discern sharing gifts from the capital campaign. The team recently recommended the second set of distributions: $200,000 to the Westminster Counseling Center and $200,000 to Ghost Ranch Education and Retreat Center in Abiquiu, New Mexico. Session approved the recommendation during their February meeting.

The gift to the Westminster Counseling Center will support the implementation of the recommendations of the Westminster Counseling Center Taskforce. Westminster’s gift to Ghost Ranch will help the center advance racial and social justice in its mission, vision, community partnerships, and programming.

The first set of gifts were recommended and approved in November, providing $275,000 to four long-time Westminster global partners: Evangelical Lutheran Christmas Church (Palestine); Dar al-Kalima University (Palestine); Iglesia Presbiteriana – Reformada El-Redentor/Versalles (Cuba); and Seminario Evangélico de Teología (Cuba). Session also approved $25,000 for Westminster’s clean water ministry in Cuba.

The Mission Component team is discerning opportunities to give $1.5 million, to support Twin Cities organizations and initiatives focused on closing the achievement gap and leadership development for Indigenous and African American children and youth.

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