Eco Justice Team

With a common concern that the world faces a profound crisis of ecological disruption and depletion, Westminster believes that the practice of good ecology is not an optional or extra activity we experience in our lives, but rather a matter of social justice that is central to what it means to be a Christian and a steward of God’s creation.

We believe that a collective effort is essential to avert further damage to God’s creation and to safeguard the earth’s habitats, ecosystems and wildlife. The practice of good ecology is not simply an option; it’s a matter of social justice.

The Westminster Eco-Justice Ministry Team:

  • Recognizes that Westminster must act collectively to reduce its environmental footprint and to be an example of sustainable life in God’s kingdom and thereby supports Westminster in its commitment to an exemplary environmental program.
  • Acts on the best scientific advice in the development of program suggestions and resources for the greening of Westminster, coordinating Westminster’s efforts with the PCUSA Environmental Ministries Programs.
  • Seeks partnerships with other local groups with similar concern for God’s creation as an effective tool to orchestrate change in the community in which we live.
  • Responds to opportunities to witness to the need for change in public policy affecting environmental justice, and seeks to change the understanding of public officials toward a stronger commitment to environmental justice.


Alanna Simone Tyler
Associate Pastor

Vanessa Uzong
Administrative Assistant

Open Doors Open Futures

Guiding principles adopted by Westminster’s Session of Elders and Board of Trustees for Open Doors Open Futures included a focus on ecologically sustainable building practices and a demonstration of environmental leadership.

In accordance with the principles, during construction of the new wing Westminster recycled and diverted demolition and construction debris from landfills and used high quality, lasting materials that originated or were manufactured within 500 miles whenever possible.

LED lighting now is employed in all areas of the church, and 95% of the new wing receives natural light, reducing the demand for artificial lighting. Energy efficient mechanical equipment with thermal control is reducing energy consumption in all spaces, and recycling has expanded to include paper, cardboard, glass, metals, and organics.

To reduce the church’s heat island effect, promote habitat, and provide critically needed green space in downtown, Westminster added green roofs, trees, and landscaped areas. New permeable pavers and sub-grade soils naturally cleanse rainwater and control the rate of water flow into storm drains, limiting erosion and reducing surface pollution.

A cutting-edge stormwater management system captures and stores rainwater and reuses it internally to flush toilets and externally for irrigation and to supply a stormwater demonstration fountain. Read more here.

In 2018, Westminster won two Minneapolis Downtown Improvement District Greening & Public Realm Awards: Best Small Green Space and Public Realm Improvement.