Pastor Nominating Committee Prepares Search Documents

by Nan Etzwiler and Paul Hyde, Pastor Nominating Committee

The Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC) is excited to be near the completion of Phase I of the search process – preparation of key documents we will use to attract candidates to the Senior Pastor position. The Job Description and the Ministry and Mission Study are completed, and the Ministry Discernment Profile of Westminster is being polished. Plus, the production of a new video of Westminster is underway! Together these provide to candidates a robust view of Westminster while establishing the deep skills, characteristics, and heart we seek in our new head pastor.

Simultaneously the PNC is ensuring it will be ready to swing into Phase II this month: the candidate solicitation phase. The PNC is already building out a deep bench of contacts and organizations we will proactively contact to help ensure qualified persons are aware of this position – including possible persons who are not actively seeking a new position! This network includes, among others, Presidents of seminaries, professional Presbyterian ministry organizations, and interfaith leaders. As we remain on track in this search, we are excited to see to whom Westminster’s strong partnerships and wide networks will lead us!

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