“Parti” Shares the Westminster Story

By Suzanne McInroy, Director of Communications

Among the celebrations this fall in honor of the Rev. Dr. Tim Hart-Andersen’s ministry at Westminster, a new piece of art was installed in Westminster Commons. But this little piece of art has a lot to say about who Westminster is today.

Parti is located inside the Nicollet Mall entrance outside Westminster Hall and it was the vision of the late Jim Dayton, lead architect for Westminster’s addition in 2018 and longtime Westminster member. “Parti” is an architectural term for the central organizing concept behind an architect’s design. For Dayton, the concept behind the design of Westminster’s addition was a cross formed out of the open spaces that extend out into the city.

Architect Rob Hunter was part of Dayton’s team for the Westminster project and continues to work for JDD Studio (formerly Jim Dayton Designs). Hunter explained how Parti has meaning, both architecturally and theologically.

Hart-Andersen sees the theology of the building in 1887 as “come to us,” whereas the new expansion says something different. “This is a different statement to the city about who we are theologically and what we want to do with the city in terms of engaging them in a transparent, open way,” Hart-Andersen said. “A piece of art that says so much more about who we are as a people and what we’ve done together.”

Watch a video online of Hunter explaining more about Parti and the story behind it.

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