Palestine Partnerships Trip Highlights and Next Steps

by Kathleen Campbell and Rani Murdoch Zappa, Westminster Members

On August 20, Westminster members who traveled to Palestine in March 2023 will share photos, stories, and major impacts from the weeklong trip.

With members of Christmas Church, we worshipped, cooked, laughed, and enjoyed conversations and Bible study. During a day at Dar al-Kalima University, we were awed by the human and technical resources of the university and charmed by its earnest, friendly students. During outings to Ramallah, we learned about the history and the hardships of present-day Palestine and Palestinians. Explorations in East and West Jerusalem and outside Bethlehem revealed the diversity of landscapes, uneven access to resources, and contradictory narratives that impact the future of this contested region. We hope you will be moved to join our efforts in assuring our Palestinian partners that we stand with them in their fight to survive and thrive.

Please join us at 9:15am on Sunday, August 20, in the Meisel Room to hear our stories, see our photographs, and envision with us new ways to connect with and support these two extraordinary communities who will not give up hope.

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