One Great Hour of Sharing 2022: Repairers of the Breach

By Alanna Simone Tyler, Associate Pastor for Justice and Mission

God has called this congregation to see ourselves as repairers of the breach (Isaiah 5:8). One of the ways we respond to this call is through our support of the One Great Hour of Sharing (OGHS) special offering. Through our relationship with programs of the Presbyterian Church USA (PCUSA we are repairing the brokenness beyond our immediate reach.

Presbyterian Disaster Assistance (PDA), the Presbyterian Hunger Program (PHP), and Self-Development of People (SDOP) are the three programs supported by OGHS. Through these programs we join other congregations of the PCUSA in supporting acts of charity and justice for people in our country and around the world.

As we witness from a distance the unfolding war and humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, we are encouraged PDA, on our behalf, activated its network of relationships to provide emergency humanitarian relief to the people of Ukraine in the form of food, shelter, medicine and hygiene items.

On different fronts, PHP and SDOP are also working on behalf of Westminster and other congregations to alleviate hunger, uproot the systemic causes of poverty, and develop asset-based partnerships with economically poor communities. Through PHP, for example, 106 community gardens and greenhouses were created in Palestine, Cameroon, Haiti and Bolivia. Through SDOP, for example, the Diné people of the Navajo Nation receive support as they organize to address the contamination of their land, air and ground water from uranium mining and milling.

Our support for PDA, PHP and SDOP programs facilitates healing and repair for communities in the United States and around the world devastated by human caused and natural disasters. Thank you for generously supporting the One Great Hour of Sharing special offering. We will receive it on Palm Sunday, April 10.

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