Nicole Cueno Named New Senior Director of Operations and Administration

After receiving more than 130 applicants for Westminster’s Senior Director of Operations and Administration position, the hiring team has selected Nicole Cueno for the new position. “We are pleased to have found someone with her experience, skill, and commitment,” says Senior Pastor Tim Hart-Andersen. “Nicole will be a wonderful addition to the Westminster staff team.”

The Senior Director of Operations and Administration position combines some of the duties of the current Director of Finance and Administration with the responsibilities of someone with an Operations skillset. This role will focus on coordination of church operations, strategic oversight of the ministry of hospitality, and high-level financial management. Nicole will start the position on June 14, overlapping with Director of Finance and Administration Julie Champ before her retirement at the end of June.

Nicole most recently served as Chief Operating Director for The Loppett Foundation, Inc., in Minneapolis, and previously worked at the Minneapolis YWCA as Assistant General Manager and Event Director. Nicole says she is thrilled at the opportunity to work at Westminster. “I have been overseeing personnel, budgets, and operations in nonprofit settings for the past 15 years,” says Nicole. “Dimensions that resonate most profoundly are those indicating Westminster’s collaboration with and service to its vibrant and diverse community.”

A former volunteer with Open Arms of Minnesota, Nicole has also served as a skiing coach with Minnesota Youth Ski League, and track and field coach at Highland Park High School in St. Paul. An avid runner, Nicole has run marathons, triathlons, and was named Minnesota Runner of the Year in 2015. Nicole has a bachelor’s degree in religious studies and gender studies from Grinnell College in Iowa and a master’s degree in evaluation studies from the University of Minnesota.

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