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Thin Places

Thin Places is an ecumenical newsletter with a particular interest in the contemplative spiritual journey. “Thin places” is an early Celtic Christian metaphor for those times or places when the boundary between the sacred and the everyday feels “thin,” when God’s presence is more strongly felt.

Now in its 21st year, Thin Places has attracted more than 3,000 readers—ranging from Mennonites and Quakers to Episcopalians and Catholics. Thin Places is available free of charge via mail or email. If you would like to receive future issues, please email Thin Places and let them know whether you prefer the email or postal mail version.

Volume 109 (Dec 2021/Jan/Feb 2022)
Volume 108 (Sept/Oct/Nov 2021)
Volume 107 (June/July/August 2021)
Volume 106 (March/April/May 2021)
Volume 105 (Dec 2020/Jan/ Feb 2021) with meditation by Meghan Gage-Finn
Volume 104 (Sept/Oct/Nov 2020)
Volume 103
(June/July/August 2020)
Volume 102 (March/April/May 2020)
Volume 101 (Dec 2019/Jan/Feb 2020)

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