May Community Partner Highlights


By Nancy Berg

Everyone deserves to feel safe. For more than 45 years, Tubman has been dedicated to promoting opportunities for change so that every individual can experience safety, hope, and healing. They provide essential services to people experiencing relationship violence, sexual assault, exploitation, homelessness, addiction, mental health challenges, and other forms of trauma. Their services include safety planning, a 24/7 crisis and resource helpline, shelter, housing, legal services (including Orders for Protection and attorney representation), mental and chemical health services, youth outreach, violence prevention education, support groups, job readiness, financial education, community education, and professional training for service providers.

Violence and its impact are urgent public health challenges facing people of all ages and backgrounds.  When communities come together to care for one another and to learn about ways to help prevent violence and trauma, we will all be closer to having stronger communities.  By supporting Tubman, Westminster is helping create peaceful communities as Tubman moves individuals from fear to freedom. Please check out their website to learn more and get involved!

Avenues for Youth

By Tom Fidler

Westminster Presbyterian Church has provided a grant in 2023 to Avenues for Youth to support their mission of providing transitional shelter for homeless youth ages 16-24 in Hennepin County. Avenues for Youth also has a program for young families that provides rent subsidies for up to 2 years and works with them to obtain and maintain employment.  Avenues for Youth will be a presenter at the Westminster Social Justice Forum.   Also, Avenues for Youth has a growing number of corporate and faith-based partners.  Please check out their website to learn more about how to get involved.

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