Mask Optional Worship Opportunity Begins in July

The Responsible Building Use Task Force met on June 22, 2021, and has agreed to make a few changes to our current Covid protocols, moving us from Phase 4 to Phase 4.5. Task force members have heard from community members that wearing a mask is a barrier for them to return to worship. At the same time, the task force recognizes that not all members of our community are able to be vaccinated, and making masks optional would likely be a barrier for the unvaccinated to worship in person. Therefore, as a compromise, the task force agreed to invite those who are vaccinated to watch and participate in the 10:30 am worship in Westminster Hall without masks. For those attending worship in the sanctuary, masks will still be required. This change will take effect on July 4.

In addition, masks are now optional for individuals meeting inside the church in groups of 30 or fewer if all in the group are fully vaccinated.

More details about Phase 4.5 changes:

  • Up to 75 vaccinated people can worship together, masks optional, in Westminster Hall, beginning July 4, 2021.
  • Masks must be worn elsewhere in the church building.
  • Singing without a mask on will be allowed in Westminster Hall.
  • Social distancing will still be required in Westminster Hall.

Other Covid protocols remain:

  • Pre-registration for worship no longer necessary
  • Social distancing required indoors
  • Masks required inside the sanctuary for worship
  • Singing allowed in the sanctuary with masks on
  • Masks not required outdoors, even when singing
  • Please stay home if you are not feeling well
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