How Might Christianity be Good for Democracy?

By Matt Skinner, Scholar for Adult Education

In our fractured nation, many Christian congregations find themselves confused about how their faith compels them to participate in political processes and the responsibilities of good citizenship. Churches understand themselves as called to seek the welfare of the nation, but it’s easy to find different churches disagreeing about what that should look like. All the while, a sense of urgency grips many. In this program we will consider how the Christian church’s scriptures, symbols, values, and history influence how we think about democracy, its vitality, the influence of religious groups, and our obligations as followers of Jesus. We will turn to the Bible and other readings and ask how they set the stage for conversations about how we can move forward, promoting love and justice in a changing world. I will lead the sessions, providing plenty of space for discussion about how we engage these vital topics. This program will be held Monday nights, 7-8:30 pm, from September 20 through October 25. You can participate in person in the Recreation Room, or online simultaneously via Zoom.

Visit the Adult Education section of the website to learn more and register online to attend through Realm.

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