Westminster welcomes children warmly—for teaching, learning, caring,
and having fun together!

Children at Westminster are deeply involved in the life of the church.

The church is one of the few places in our culture where many generations naturally come together in community. Our ministry creates opportunities for children, youth, and adults to be in fellowship with one another as we grow together as followers of Christ in faith, trust, and love.


Church School
9:15–10:15 am (September–May)
Our Church School meets during Westminster’s education hour, offering distinct classroom experiences for children. Volunteer teams for each grade level are trained to engage our children in age-appropriate curriculum resources that include stories, activities, art, music, and discussion. Children grow to know that they are a valued part of our community through engagement in education, worship, fellowship, and service opportunities throughout the year.

Note: Kindergartners through second graders meet together for a brief “Gathering Time” and then go to classrooms with their teachers. All other students proceed directly to their classrooms.

Children’s Church
During 10:30 am worship (September–June)
Children attend the beginning of worship with their families and then are invited to Children’s Church. They are escorted from the Sanctuary by staff, parents, and youth volunteers for special programming. Staff leads worship, with story and singing, in a relaxed and nurturing environment. The Montessori approach of our Godly Play program helps children learn to self-direct and reflect on the biblical story and prepares them to attend worship in the sanctuary.

Recorder Choirs (Grade 3 and up)
For youth who are not able to attend Wednesday evenings, or are interested in learning an instrument, two sections of recorder choir are offered on Sunday mornings. Beginners arrive at 8:30 am and advanced players arrive at 8:50 am. Music reading skills are taught as well as recorder playing technique. Recorders perform on Sundays twice a year.


Moms Group

Moms with children of any age are invited to be a part of our Moms Group.  We provide a time and space for conversation and fellowship, as well as a place to be mindful of our own spirituality. Child care is provided. Moms Group meets Wednesday mornings (10:30-noon) in the Nursery. For more information about Moms Group, contact Marie Kruskop.

Seraphim Choir (Grades 1-3)
Once a child enters first grade, they are eligible to move into the Seraphim Choir. Seraphims meet Wednesday evenings. Many families arrive early to enjoy a kid-friendly meal before choir (served from 5:15–6:45 pm). Seraphims sing during Sunday services approximately once per month. They also are provided unique experiences, such as playing choir chimes and performing in drum circles.

Chorister Choir (Grades 4-5)
Fourth and fifth graders participate in the Chorister Choir. Choristers meet from 6:55 – 7:30 pm Wednesday evenings. A kid-friendly meal is provided for those families prior to practice (served from 5:15-6:45 pm). Choristers sing monthly during Sunday services. They further develop instrumental skills using choir chimes and African drums. They also sing with an adult choir once a year.

Recorder Choir (Grade 3 and up)
A Wednesday evening section of Recorder Choir has been added from 7:30-7:50 pm. Music reading skills are taught as well as recorder playing technique (tonguing, breath control, phrasing, etc.). Recorders perform in Sunday services twice a year.


Rev. Dr. Meghan Gage-Finn
Executive Associate Pastor

Sonja Mortenson Dzieckciowski
Director of Children’s Ministries

Marie Kruskop
Coordinator, Early Childhood & Family Ministries

Brad Ollmann
Director, Early & Middle Childhood Music

Learn more here about Westminster’s Child and Youth Safety Policy.