Families, Youth & Children

“With joy and thanksgiving we welcome you to Westminster and to the fellowship of Christ’s Church, for we are all one in Christ. We promise to love, encourage, and support you, to share the good news of the gospel with you, to serve that gospel alongside you, and to help you know and follow Christ.”  —Westminster’s Baptismal Promise

Westminster’s ministries for families, youth and children offer a wide range of programs, including church school, children’s church, choirs, fellowship opportunities, and summer programs and camps. Children also are always welcome to worship with their families at Westminster.

Early Childhood

Westminster provides quality care and engaging, age-appropriate activities for our youngest children, as well as a place of welcome and connection for parents. Our safe, nurturing and comfortable environment reflects God’s love and care for families and children. More info


Westminster encourages children’s valuable presence and involvement in many places and practices of the church community. Church School is available for ages 3 through high school along with myriad activities on Wednesday nights. More info


Middle and high school youth share in fellowship and service through retreats, activities and mission projects. Confirmation is offered for 9th graders. More info


Rev. Alexandra Jacob
Associate Pastor for Families, Youth, and Children

Sonja Mortenson Dziekciowski
Director of Children’s Ministries

Olivia King
Director of Youth Ministries

Marie Kruskop
Coordinator of Early Childhood & Family Ministries

Brad Ollmann 
Director of Early & Middle Childhood Music

Michael Gold
Administrative Assistant

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Learn more here about Westminster’s Child and Youth Safety Policy.

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