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Adult Education for Fall 2020

Reckoning with Privilege: Where Christ Leads the Church When the World is Disrupted

Is there any unique contribution the church could offer during this time of growing unrest, uncertainty, and division? The Old Testament is full of instructions for how God’s people must care for the widow, the orphan, the oppressed, and the foreigner. The New Testament follows Jesus’ path from power to humility both in his incarnation and death. As seen in scriptural characters from Solomon to the rich young ruler, Dorcas to Zacchaeus, Boaz to Susanna, our Bible represents different ways those with resources or privilege are called to engage within the church and their world. Yet even Christians can’t seem to agree on how we must live. Fissures in the global church continue to deepen and, in the US, conservative and liberal Christianity seem more divided than ever. How do we reconcile these truths with Scriptural exhortations to be peacemakers, Christ’s ambassadors, and justice seekers? When are we called to overthrow the table and when are we called to sit at it with people who disagree? Is there a specific call to those of us at Westminster who inhabit places of unique privilege? The world’s eyes were drawn to Minneapolis after George Floyd’s killing, what is our witness?

Watch a new presentation every Sunday through Livestream beginning at 9:15 am and watch previous classes on the church’s YouTube channel.

Upcoming topics:

  • November 22: Tune in to watch Brene Brown’s brief TED Talk, “The Power of Vulnerability” and then gather as a community into a live Zoom room to discuss theological implications and how her research informs our current conversations on privilege and race.
  • November 29 & December 6: Paul Capetz, pastor in Newport Beach, California, will discuss “Church and Theology in a Time of Pandemic: A Conversation with Matt Skinner.”
  • December 13: Joint education hour with Social Justice Forum addressing poverty in the Twin Cities.
  • December 20: Our very own Matt Skinner will address “Merry Christmas: How the Bible’s Nativity Stories Rebuke Our Empires”

The Bible Then and Now

This occasional five-week class explores themes from the Bible that relate to how we live out our faith. By looking deeper into the ways the Bible first spoke in its original cultural settings, we are better prepared to think faithfully and creatively about what Christian belief should be now, in our culture. Learn more.

Living the Faith in the 21st Century

This Wednesday evening class, led by Dr. Chad Quaintance, explores what it means to live as faithful Christians today. Participants grow through learning and conversation. This class is held via Zoom.


Content experts from the Westminster community have developed a series of self-guided educational tours around the Twin Cities to significant sights with accompanying interpretive and devotional materials to help learners dig deeper. Learn more.

Small Groups

If you are looking for a way to connect more deeply with others at Westminster, consider joining a small group. These groups gather to grow in faith and study to learn and live into God’s Word. To join a group, contact Mahin Hamilton.

New Groups for 2020 include:

  • LGBTQIA+ This small group will be open to members and  allies of the LGBTQIA+ community, a welcomed and integral part of Westminster Presbyterian Church.
  • Spiritual Practices: Creating Calm in the Midst of Chaos Martha Rockenstein will lead a 6-week group on “Spiritual Practices: Creating Calm in the Midst of Chaos.”
  • Glory Happening: In a Season of Loss, How Do We Find “Enough” This small group will explore the book Glory Happening by Kaitlin B. Curtice, which describes encounters with the Divine in everyday moments. How can we learn to perceive and relate to God, even in the small and mundane moments of our life?


Rev. Dr. Matthew Skinner
Scholar for Adult Education

Mahin Hamilton
Administrative Assistant

Rachel Gustafson
Director of Congregational and Community Engagement

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