Westminster Gallery

Come for the Art, Stay for the Grace.

The Westminster Gallery exhibits and collects religious and secular art representing diverse ethnic and cultural traditions. We feature art from the Westminster collection, private collections, and from regional and nationally known artists who demonstrate the connection between art and how it informs our faith. The church has a long history of collecting and incorporating art into both worship and daily life. The Westminster Gallery opened in 2002.

At Westminster, we believe that art matters because it provides a communication tool between an artist or designer and the diverse audience that encounters the art. This encounter likely will generate thought, stimulate conversation, or evoke emotion. When we first wake up and become aware of light and shape around us, we see. This is a passive experience; when we focus our attention on specific objects, images, or details, we are active and engaged.


Dr. Rodney Allen Schwartz
Director, The Westminster Gallery and Archive

Gallery Hours

Monday – Friday 9 am to 5 pm
Sunday 8 am to noon
and by appointment

Current Exhibition

An Apple a Day (think of things that are good for you)

Art made by Westminster members

July 1-September 9, 2018

The Westminster Gallery features an exhibition of art made by members and friends each summer on a suggested theme. This year’s theme is An Apple a Day with the suggestion to think of things that are good for you.

The submissions range from documenting the experience of being a photographer on a medical mission trip to Africa to wondering about the meaning of life. A quilt of houses and vines with flowers and sprouting berries takes on a deeper meaning of community and relationships in politically troubled times. Several artists were inspired by the beauty and complexity of our church building, both old and new. A photographer and an artist muse on their individual daily routines of creativity.

Is there something in your daily experience that is good for you? Might it be in how you take care of yourself or your friends and family? Are you actively engaged in community? Do you work toward social justice in our city and beyond?

You are invited to contemplate the nature of things that are good for you as they appear in art, both in the Westminster Gallery’s exhibition and in the world around you.

About the Collection

The Westminster Collection includes diverse historic and contemporary art from numerous ethnic and cultural sources. The Martha Spencer Rogers Crèche Collection includes nearly 200 crèches from around the world and presents the Christ child as belonging to each community. There are several dozen additional crèches and a growing collection of Noah’s Arks also on permanent view.

Minnesota’s premier sculptor, Paul T. Granlund, is well represented with the beautiful “The Birth of Freedom” and numerous models throughout the building. The collection also includes paintings by He Qi, serigraphs by John August Swanson, linocut prints by Robert Hodgell, katazome prints by Sadao Watanabe, and much more.