Westminster Gallery

Come for the Art, Stay for the Grace.

The Westminster Gallery exhibits and collects religious and secular art representing diverse ethnic and cultural traditions. We feature art from the Westminster collection, private collections, and from regional and nationally known artists who demonstrate the connection between art and how it informs our faith. The church has a long history of collecting and incorporating art into both worship and daily life. The Westminster Gallery opened in 2002.


Dr. Rodney Allen Schwartz
Director, The Westminster Gallery and Archive

Gallery Hours

Mon – Fri 9 am to 5 pm | Sun 8 am to noon

Current Exhibition

Prayer and Belief

September 15-November 17, 2019

This exhibition features paintings by Georgette Sosin on prayer and photographs by Wing Young Huie on belief.

Georgette Sosin is a Jewish artist who is fascinated by language and scripture. She created cosmic-inspired abstract paintings of numerous themes including two series on the Aramaic text of the New Testament Lord’s Prayer. These paintings and another inspired by the Old Testament Mourner’s Kaddish, the Jewish prayer for the dead, were recently gifted by her family to the Westminster Collection.

Wing Young Huie is an American born Chinese photographer who is well known locally for his images of Minneapolis’ Lake Street, St. Paul’s University Avenue, and the people who live in those neighborhoods. A new body of work illustrating the construct of belief has been drawn from the treasure trove of photographs made over the course of his 25-year career: these compelling images join Sosin’s paintings of prayer in the Westminster Gallery.

About the Collection

The Westminster Collection includes diverse historic and contemporary art from numerous ethnic and cultural sources. The Martha Spencer Rogers Crèche Collection includes nearly 200 crèches from around the world and presents the Christ child as belonging to each community. There are several dozen additional crèches and a growing collection of Noah’s Arks also on permanent view.

Minnesota’s premier sculptor, Paul T. Granlund, is well represented with the beautiful “The Birth of Freedom” and numerous models throughout the building. The collection also includes paintings by He Qi, serigraphs by John August Swanson, linocut prints by Robert Hodgell, katazome prints by Sadao Watanabe, and much more.