First Set of Distributions from Campaign’s Mission Component

As part of the Enduring Hope Campaign, the Mission Component team has been meeting regularly in pursuit of this vision: “Because we hope for a just community, Westminster will invest to advance racial and social justice.” Under the leadership of Elders Jo Beld and Vince Thomas, this team is discerning how to invest a portion of gifts raised for the capital campaign.

They recommended, and Session approved, the first set of distributions; $300,000 to five long-time Westminster global partners:

  • Evangelical Lutheran Christmas Church (Palestine): $25,000
  • Dar al-Kalima University (Palestine): $25,000
  • Iglesia Presbiteriana – Reformada El Redentor Versalles (Cuba): $25,000
  • Clean Water Systems (Cuba): $25,000
  • Seminario Evangélico de Teología (Cuba): $200,000

Altogether, the Mission Component team will propose a total of $3 million in disbursements to partners working to advance racial and social justice in a variety of contexts.

Two-thirds will support Minneapolis-based partners, which are yet to be finalized. The remaining one-third (including this first distribution of $300,000) will support denominational and local and global partners who have had long-standing relationships with Westminster.

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