Finding Ways to Fight Injustices

A Note from the Rev. Alexandra Jacob: I’m excited to introduce this personal reflection from Sage Ramberg, who grew up in the Families, Youth, and Children program at Westminster and served as a youth elder. Read below about her work to eliminate immigration detention in Washigton; Westminster is supporting similar efforts here in Minneapolis. In October, the Social Justice Forum hosted a discussion with Advocates for Human Rights about immigration detention and the Court Observation Project. You can watch a recording online.

By Sage Ramberg, Westminster member

Growing up in Westminster, I quickly learned that our community valued social justice and would be the perfect place for me. I found myself looking forward to Sunday mornings at youth group when we would dive into topics such as environmental racism or ending homelessness. Additionally, each summer we took mission trips to see first-hand and help communities impacted by disparities. I am especially grateful for the trip to Palisade, Minnesota, where we learned from indigenous people living alongside the construction of Pipeline 3.

I am continuing my passion for social justice as I study at the University of Washington (UM). This past quarter, I was part of a practicum in my Immigrant Rights class that assisted a local group called La Resistencia. They work to end detention centers and the deportation of immigrants, specifically focusing on the Northwest Detention Center (NWDC) in Tacoma, Washington. My class had four main objectives: to raise awareness, ask UW libraries to end their database contract with an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) provider, educate the public using infographics, and learn more about the use of ankle bracelets on immigrants. My class was inspired by Maru, a leading member of La Resistencia as well as an immigrant herself. She guided us through our work and taught us how we can help in an appropriate and respectful manner.

La Resistencia helps the detainees of the NWDC, by providing them with lawyers, money, and a public platform to share the inhumanities inflicted upon them. With the work of my peers, we organized a solidarity day in which we drove to the NWDC, set up posters and supplies, and voiced our support. We wanted to let them know we care, we see them, and we are still fighting. Please consider joining me in supporting the work of La Resistencia. The following infographic provides more information about my work and ways to get involved.

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