Fair Trade Gift Fair 2022

by Alanna Simone Tyler, Associate Pastor for Justice and Mission

Westminster will welcome close to one dozen vendors to sell a variety of sustainably sourced and fairly exchanged goods at the 2022 Fair Trade Gift Fair, Sunday, November 20. At Westminster we articulate our hope for a just world. In a just world, craftspeople and farmers are paid well and are therefore empowered to preserve their traditions and create better lives for their families and their communities. Each fair trade purchase supports livable wages, skills training, and sustainable business development for our siblings around the world.

Zatoun is a participating vendor this year and will again sell their highly sought-after fair trade extra virgin olive oil and za’atar (a blend of wild thyme, sumac and roasted sesame seeds). According to Zatoun, products of the olive tree are the major source of income for more than 100,000 Palestinian families. In producing olive oil, referred to as “peace in a bottle,” Zatoun seeks for the Palestinians who are farmers, press operators, bottlers, carton makers and shippers to have the greatest economic benefit. The proceeds from selling Zatoun products are used to plant more olive trees.

Support the Fair Trade Gift Fair and invite your family and friends to join you. To learn more email act@wpc-mpls.org.

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