Exploring Redemption, Reparations, and Repentance

Liberty Community Church and Westminster will welcome the Rev. Anthony Jermaine Ross-Allam for our annual joint celebration of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday weekend. Ross-Allam served as associate pastor at Liberty and Oak Grove Presbyterian Church before becoming a doctoral candidate in Social Ethics at Union Theological Seminary. He describes his research as focusing “on the social ecology that inspires, justifies, ignores, rewards and excuses extralegal violence against AfroAmericans after Emancipation.”

With Presbyterian Church (USA) CoModerators Ruling Elder Elona Street Stewart and Rev. Gregory J. Bentley, Ross-Allam is co-leading Restorative Actions, a grass roots voluntary initiative for predominantly white churches, individuals, mid-councils, and agencies of the Presbyterian Church (USA) as well as other ecumenical partners and affiliated organizations to return benefits accrued to them directly or indirectly because of systemic inequities. As Westminster is supporting the Minnesota Council of Church’s recently launched 10-year truth, reparations, and education initiative it is good timing to hear from Ross-Allam.

Recently Rev. Dr. Alika Galloway commented, “Anthony’s discourse about reparations is long overdue theologically. He is on the cutting edge regarding the marriage of reparations, theology, ethics, and justice. His work is redemptive and calls for regarding reparations as an act of repentance. As Christians we are called to repent for and make right ancestral ills; especially those whose legacy is still alive today. It’s a journey that as Christians we must take seriously, thoughtfully and prayerfully.”

In addition, the Rev. Ross-Allam’s research resonates with the themes explored in the Social Justice Forum and Adult Education this year. Westminster’s Social Justice Forum is focusing on the theme Diving Deeper Together So All Will Flourish and Adult Education is exploring the theme Building the Beloved Community: Construction, Restructuring, and Repair.

Rev. Ross-Allam will lead the annual joint workshop, Saturday, January 15, at 10:30 am online only (please note, this is a change as of January 9) and preach at Westminster’s morning worship services, Sunday, January 16, online and in person.

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