Job Postings

Organist and Ensemble Director

The Organist and Ensemble Director position would serve the church in weekly worship services and also lead the adult Handbell Ensemble and the Choristers (grades 3-6). Send resumé and supporting digital files to Dr. Amanda Weber, Director of Worship & the Arts. Click for job description.

Senior Director of Operations and Administration

The Senior Director of Operations and Administration position combines some of the duties of the current Director of Finance and Administration with the responsibilities of someone with an Operations skillset. Send resumé to Janice Teliczan, Executive Assistant. Click for job description.

Security Officer

This position supports our Open Doors Open Futures commitment to welcoming our neighbors while maintaining a safe and secure environment for all who enter and work at Westminster. A number of our guests are people who are experiencing homelessness or are precariously housed or may present with distress. Send resumé to PJ Eichten, Director of Facilities. Click for job description.

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