Civil Rights Learning Experience

At the end of April, 13 people from Westminster embarked on a Civil Rights Learning Experience. Each day, they shared about their experiences through words and pictures. Read more about their trip (pdf).

On Sunday, June 11, at 9:15am in the Meisel Room, they will share reflections about their experience. It will also be available on Livestream.

Mission of Civil Rights Learning Experience

We will travel to Alabama to learn about the important role of the Black church in the civil rights movement. We will meet with theologians, visit and worship in Black churches, learn from pastors and lay leaders who provided leadership, and see the many ways that churches provided support for civil rights leaders. Drawing on our experience, we will challenge ourselves to imagine how the church today can build on that inspiring legacy.

Charge from the congregation

We charge you to return as witnesses to the racial trauma deeply embedded in our nation’s history, and to the hope that comes from seeing the courage of those working to change the American story. We need you to help us understand who we are as nation, and who we might become – and how our faith in Jesus Christ compels us to pursue justice.



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