Celebrating a Decade of Reimagining Westminster’s Future

by Kelsey Crouch-Dodson, Director of Stewardship

As Minneapolis began to consider its changing downtown population in 2010, Westminster leaders began reimagining what it meant to be an urban congregation. Then in 2011, the adjacent property to the church was for sale, drastically expanding the possibilities for Westminster’s future.

Guided by six principles and values (see below), the Open Doors Open Futures campaign began with a goal to expand the church’s building. Last year, the Enduring Hope campaign continued the work by building a sustainable financial future for Westminster.

With Open Doors Open Futures, we expanded and increased accessibility to our building; developed welcoming, public green spaces; and increased our support of local and global organizations with $8 million of new investments. Through Enduring Hope, we added $2.2 million more in support for our global, national, and local partners; renovated the chapel; and established a sustainable financial future for the church. All of these efforts will help our congregation continue to grow and thrive for the next 100 years.

In October 2023, we reached the conclusion of this decade-long project. We are excited to announce that as campaign pledges are paid in coming years, the church will have the resources to meet our financial obligations to lenders and our mission partners.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to these campaigns. Each of you has played a part in opening the doors to Westminster’s thriving future. Even as the campaigns conclude, our congregation will continue to live out the bold vision that guided us through Enduring Hope: Compelled by God’s call, Westminster’s enduring hope is for a sustainable future for our church, and justice in our city and beyond.

The six principles and values that guided the Open Doors Open Futures planning:

  1. Ministries of the church will be enhanced
  2. Long-term access to Westminster will be ensured and improved
  3. Environmentally responsible development will be pursued
  4. Decision making will be transparent and inclusive, with input from church and community
  5. Quality of life for our neighbors will be enriched
  6. Design will be welcoming and inspiring
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