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Stephen & Cindy Snyder

Cindy and I have been members of Westminster since 2003.  Our previous church had grown too intolerant over our 25 years there.  It was time to find a church that was welcoming to all, and that both preached and practiced Community. Cindy and I are quite organized, perhaps too much.   So, with a new church […]

Justin & Sophie Komlan

Good Morning Brothers and Sisters in Christ of Westminster, my name is Justin, and my name is Sophie, and we are the Komlan Family. We are humbled to be in front of the congregation today to share a story of our journey with Westminster as part of the 2020 Stewardship Program. Many of you do […]

Jim & Jacque DeBuse

Jim Good morning. I’m Jim DeBuse, and this is my wife, Jacque. Ten years ago, we moved to Minneapolis and started looking for a church. We visited a lot of places – some even recruited us for committees the moment we walked in the door! But when we came to Westminster, two things were apparent […]

Megan & Jordan Keith

Jordan Megan and I both grew up on farms in rural areas, Megan in Montana, and me in North Dakota. My hometown had 250 people in it, and I had a graduating class of 9. In comparison, Megan’s hometown was a thriving metropolis of 1200. Each of our communities was small and tight-knit where everyone […]

Andrea Knoll & Jane Oberrender

Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: Love your neighbor as yourself.  Matthew 27-40. Jane: Good Morning. I am Jane Oberrender Andrea: And I am Andrea Knoll. Jane: We are […]

Westminster Member Chad Quaintance Lives His Faith

After a lifetime of service that has taken him from the civil rights cauldron of 1960s Selma to the Minneapolis school desegregation battles of the 1970s and ’80s, former lawyer Chad Quaintance has settled into a role that even he did not imagine. But this new chapter is part of a natural progression that suits his heart, his temperament and his faith.

An unusual model of church ministry

Each Monday, workers at Westminster cover up the religious imagery inside a few Sunday school classrooms to create a more welcoming space for their weekday occupants — young children of diverse faiths receiving group therapy.