2024 Annual Community Partners

by Tom Fidler and Nancy Berg, co-chairs, Community Partners Ministry Team

The mission of Westminster’s Faith in Action (FIA) Council is: With humility, we will partner with our neighbors to enhance the world God loves and courageously confront hatred and bigotry. Guided by this mission, each year the FIA Council allocates a portion of its budget to support local nonprofit organizations responding to community needs. After a careful review, the Community Partners Ministry Team determined they would renew the gifts to 11 organizations. The organizations are:

Affordable Housing – Urban Homeworks and Project for Pride in Living

Homeless Services – Our Savior’s Community Services, Avenues for Youth, and Tubman

Criminal Justice – FreeWriters and Restorative Justice Community Action

Immigrants Services – Advocates for Human Rights, and Minnesota African Women’s Association

Community Development – Banyan and Minneapolis YWCA

Community Partner Ministry team members serve as liaisons to these 11 organizations throughout the year to learn about opportunities for our congregation to connect through learning and service. In May Westminster welcomed leaders from these nonprofits to thank them for the amazing work they do in our community. The leaders also had an opportunity to learn more about Westminster.

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