2021 Meisel Scholars

by Meghan Gage-Finn, Executive Associate Pastor

The Meisel Scholar Program, in honor of Donald and Ellie Meisel, was established over 30 years ago to further young people’s learning outside the classroom setting through internship and travel experiences, while furthering the mission of the church. Even as “the classroom setting” has shifted for students during Covid, their desire to pursue a focused time of vocational development has in no way lessened. This year more than ever, applicants to the program have researched and persevered to create meaningful opportunities for 2021. The Meisel Committee is pleased to introduce to you four Scholars for this summer.

Lauren Caugh has an internship with the Denver Botanic Gardens where she will work on water policy research and drought awareness. Laura Lee Moffett will serve as Lauren’s mentor.

Ethan Jungyull Kim-Shinn attends Quest University in Squamish, British Columbia, and this summer he will work with a professor conducting sacred land research at two sites in Canada. Ethan will pursue ethnographic fieldwork and academic reflection on ancient philosophy. Sandy Wolfe Wood will be a mentor for Ethan.

Mae Niebuhr is a student athlete at the University of the Puget Sound and will be serving as an intern with the Borgen Project, working on foreign policy related to poverty reduction. Ed Cunnington will serve as her mentor.

Michael Thomas, a student athlete at the College of Wooster, will spend a second summer working on civic engagement with the Seattle City Club. He says he is excited about SCC’s housing coalition and other efforts to promote civic health and engagement. Pete Cochrane will mentor Michael this summer.

In talking with each of these students as they prepare to lead and learn as Meisel Scholars, I marvel at the ways their summer experiences will bear witness to the church’s hope for the world. The four scholars were commissioned during worship on Sunday, June 13, and may we hold them and their mentors in our prayers this summer.


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