Meisel Scholars Program Celebrates 30 Years

“My Meisel experience was a key steppingstone that gave me credibility to secure meaningful employment and internships.”

“When I think about it, I can trace every major professional opportunity I’ve had back to the Meisel Grant.”

“Being a Meisel Scholar has allowed me to work with and for people of diverse backgrounds and love my neighbors, no matter where they may come from.”

These are just some of the powerful statements we have heard in recent months as we have reached out to Scholars from the past 30 years of the Meisel Program. From the first gift of $5,000 to initiate this endowed program, more than $180,000 has been awarded to over 70 young people, allowing them opportunities to travel, learn, explore, discern, experience, and grow in their faith and vocational development.

On Sunday, January 6, we celebrated the first three decades of this program, which forms the foundation of Westminster’s vocational ministries. It honors the legacy of the Rev. Dr. Donald and Eleanor Meisel and invites young adults in our congregation to further Westminster’s mission as they follow their convictions, share their talents, and explore their vocations outside the traditional college classroom. Over lunch after church, we will hear from Meisel Scholar alumni, Meisel Committee members, and adult mentors. We heard from Scholars who traveled to Cuba, Israel, Romania, Thailand, Peru, Ghana, and Brazil, as well as the stories of those who partnered locally with non-profits, conducted research, and furthered the common good.