Building a Movement to Stop Climate Change
October 27 at Noon | Online

Watch online the third Town Hall Forum of the season with Bill McKibben, an environmentalist, educator, and author. The Schumann Distinguished Scholar in Environmental Studies at Middlebury College will discuss his influential book on climate change as well as what can be done to stop the environmental threat.

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Stewardship Sunday | November 15

During these uncertain times, we are grateful for God’s abundant love, amply demonstrated in the ministries of Westminster. The church is being revitalized and renewed in unexpected ways. Let us sustain this faithful work by giving our time, talents, and resources in whatever way we can, in gratitude for God’s abundant grace.

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We affirm our common conviction that all life is sacred and that every human being is our neighbor, worthy to be loved. Not killed. Our hearts break, going out to the family and to those in our community who continue to bear the historical brunt of racially-motivated oppression that too often leads to violence and even death.

—From the Downtown Clergy Statement on the Killing of George Floyd

Sharon Day

Ojibwe Water Walker Sharon Day to speak at Westminster

Ojibwe Water Walker Sharon Day discussed the importance of care for and stewardship of the water during Westminster's Social Justice Forum on October 11. Rev. Alanna Simone Tyler answers questions about the event.

New Adult Education Class Offered at Westminster

The Rev. Dr. Matt Skinner answers questions about a new Monday evening class called "The Bible Then and Now" that will be offered for five weeks starting in October.
Joe DavisJoe Davis

New Artist-in-Residence: Joe Davis

Westminster Presbyterian Church has announced Joe Davis as the Artist-in-Residence for the 2020-2021 program year. Davis is a nationally-touring artist, educator, and speaker based locally in Minneapolis. His work includes poetry, music, theater, and dance to shape culture. Westminster Minister of…

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