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Why Change the Water into Wine?

Jesus changes the water into wine to signal God’s hospitality to those rejected by others and to reveal God’s delight in those deemed to be former people. At the wedding feast in Cana Jesus launches a movement, a movement of joyful resistance against the baser impulses that run through each of us and through the principalities and powers of every time and place.

What Is the “Acceptable Year of the Lord?”

The acceptable year of the Lord. It refers to the day when God’s reign would break forth in concrete ways: the poor would be lifted up, the oppressed set free, forgiveness extended, debts relieved, slaves released.

Where Do We Go From Here? For 50 Years!

King asks, “Where Do We Go From Here: Chaos or Community?” It is still a good question for us today, and racism is still at the center of many of our problems. So let’s turn to scripture for some guidance that might shape our answers.

What Is the Promise of Baptism?

That day at the River Jordan when John the Baptizer looked up and saw Jesus coming, he felt his anxiety level rising. He was concerned; he understood the power of what he was doing in the water and did not want to trifle with it. He refused to baptize Jesus, saying he was the one who should be baptized by him.

What Do We Do About Epiphany?

From the heighten anticipation of the Advent season to the revelry of the Christmas holidays, the Gospel lesson this Sunday takes us on a dramatic turn to the dark days of this season. This sharp turn of the event serves as an important reminder of the duality of both light and darkness during this season of Epiphany.

What Do We Do About Christmas?

We adults need to be reminded by the children of the meaning of this night: love comes at Christmas, bright as a star in the dark, wondrous as an angel, gentle as a newborn child. Our job is to receive the love and then to share it.

What Did the Shepherds See?

The Messiah comes not as a celebrity hero, or fierce warrior, or revered religious figure, but as a shepherd, as one who gently cares for the flock and tenderly gathers the lambs, as one who feeds and defends and leads the sheep, as one who lives with them in the midst of rough places and difficult times. We need more shepherds in our day, leaders who serve others, not themselves.

What Did Mary Sing?

When we get to a song in scripture, pay attention and listen well, because we have come across words that have been sung – and heard – over the ages. They have borne the hopes and dreams of God’s people for generations. They come from deep places, because songs create and carry memory.

What Did the Angels Announce?

The core of what angels say in scripture when they appear: the Lord is with you. Whether it's the angel stopping Abraham from sacrificing his son Isaac, or the angel appearing to Moses at the burning bush, these heavenly messengers want people to know that God is near.

What Did the Prophets Preach?

The prophetic vision of incarnation calls for what looks like the impossible. Justice among all people. Peace on earth. Creation restored. It may take a long time, but one day, one day – Isaiah is convinced of this – all flesh shall see the salvation of our God.

Why Is God So Generous?

The defining characteristic of God is generosity. The text today from Isaiah offers a startling vision of the generosity of God moving beyond the Israelites, suggesting that God’s generosity knows no bounds.