Mission Overview

With Open Doors Open Futures, Westminster will honor Westminster’s historic response to God’s call for social justice through expanded support for numerous local, national, and global efforts.

In early 2015, Westminster approved an historic $7 mission for the Open Doors Open Futures mission component. Westminster’s mission initiatives are centered around five broad themes: affordable housing, local partnerships, young adult leadership development, global partnerships, and South Sudan. These areas were chosen because of their consistency with existing mission programming, our church mission, our hope for the world, and the needs of the church. Westminster pledged a commitment of 80% of funds locally and 20% percent globally.

Affordable and Supportive Housing

  • Reduce homelessness in the city by funding 150 units of affordable housing with Aeon.
  • Support the relocation of former, low-income Marimark Apartment residents.
  • Support at-risk youth through partnership with Beacon Interfaith Housing Collaborative.
  • Build affordable homes with Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity.

Local Partnerships

  • Revitalize an urban ministry through support for Grace-Trinity Church.
  • Provide counseling through financial support of Westminster Counseling Center.

Young Adult Leadership Development

  • Prepare North Minneapolis youth for college through commitment to Kwanzaa 21st Century Academy.
  • Improve access to college through Macalester Westminster Scholarships.
  • Help young people find their path through support of the Meisel Scholarship Program.
  • Support the next generation of ministers through financial assistance for seminarians.
  • Create intentional communities of faith through support of young adult ministries
    houses of hospitality.
  • Engage young people in the church through support of one of the leading PCUSA
    seminaries, McCormick Seminary for Faith, Service, and Leadership.
  • Reimagine and create the church of the future through support of NEXT Church.

Global Partnerships

  • Develop Christian leaders through partnerships with Palestine, Cuba, and Cameroon.
  • Deepen personal connections with international partners through travel scholarships.
  • South Sudan Education and Peacebuilding
  • As part of the PCUSA’s commitment to improving educational outcomes around the world, Westminster is providing a lead gift to support education and peacebuilding in South Sudan, the world’s newest and poorest country.

Community Partner

Open Doors Open Futures specifically called for 25% of the new wing to be dedicated to a direct service provider that aligns with Westminster’s mission of service to the community. After a two-year discernment process, the Session of Elders and Board of Trustees voted to approve St. David’s Center for Child & Family Development as the on-site, direct service mission partner in the new wing. Learn more.

Latest Media

Read the Star Tribune story about Open Doors Open Futures, listen to the MPR interview, or watch Channel 5’s coverage of the groundbreaking celebration.

Read more about the community partnership with St. David’s in Lakeshore Weekly and the Star Tribune.

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