Mission Overview

Westminster is honoring its historic response to God’s call for social justice through Open Doors Open Futures.

In early 2015, Westminster approved an historic $8 million for the mission component of Open Doors Open Futures, committing 80% of funds to local initiatives, 20% to global. Westminster’s mission initiatives are centered around five broad themes:

  • affordable housing
  • local partnerships
  • young adult leadership development
  • global partnerships
  • South Sudan

Affordable and Supportive Housing

  • Reduce homelessness in the city by funding 150 units of affordable housing with Aeon.
  • Support the relocation of former, low-income Marimark Apartment residents.
  • Support at-risk youth through partnership with Beacon Interfaith Housing Collaborative.
  • Build affordable homes with Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity.

Local Partnerships

  • Revitalize an urban ministry through support for Grace-Trinity Church.
  • Provide counseling through financial support of Westminster Counseling Center.

Young Adult Leadership Development

  • Prepare North Minneapolis youth for college through commitment to Kwanzaa 21st Century Academy.
  • Improve access to college through Macalester Westminster Scholarships.
  • Help young people find their path through support of the Meisel Scholarship Program.
  • Support the next generation of ministers through financial assistance for seminarians.
  • Create intentional communities of faith through support of young adult ministries
    houses of hospitality.
  • Engage young people in the church through support of one of the leading PCUSA seminaries, McCormick Seminary for Faith, Service, and Leadership.
  • Reimagine and create the church of the future through support of NEXT Church.

Global Partnerships

  • Develop Christian leaders through partnerships with Palestine, Cuba, and Cameroon.
  • Deepen personal connections with international partners through travel scholarships.
  • Through a lead gift, support education and peacebuilding in South Sudan, the world’s newest and poorest country.

Community Partner

Open Doors Open Futures specifically called for 25% of the new wing to be dedicated to a direct service provider that aligns with Westminster’s mission of service to the community. After a two-year discernment process, the Session of Elders and Board of Trustees voted to approve St. David’s Center for Child & Family Development as the on-site, direct service mission partner in the new wing. Learn more.


Mary Hess
Director of Stewardship

Kienan Mick
Accounting Manager

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