Race & Grace Dialogues

Join us for an innovative training in Inter-Group Dialogue (IGD) facilitation. We are looking to train members from Westminster and Liberty Community Church (formerly Kwanzaa) to become Inter-Group Dialogue facilitators in order to create meaningful dialogue between the two communities.

Groups led by trained facilitators will facilitate meaningful dialogue across differences, with the intention of leading to action for justice. The Inter-Group Dialogue is a carefully created and well-assessed method to move beyond talk among people. Click for more information on this method.

We are looking BOTH for facilitators and participants. Facilitators will need to take a weekend training session, from late afternoon Friday, April 28 (5:30 pm – 9 pm), all day Saturday, April 29 (8:30 am – 5 pm), and Sunday, April 30 after church (12 pm –  4:30 pm). We will ask trained facilitators to commit to leading five week-long sessions. Participants will be asked to commit to five weeks of 2-hour dialogue sessions. The first dialogue groups made up of members of our two congregations (a total of 8-10 persons in each group) will begin the week of May 8 .

The teachers will be: Westminster Elder, Vivian Jenkins Nelsen; Liberty Head Deacon, Ruby Brown; Theo Page, LICSW.

Contact the Reverend Doug Mitchell to sign up.

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